comparison between .com,.org and .net, restricted domain name ,.com vs .org,which domian name is best


The gTLD was originally administrated by the united state department of defense , but it today operated by ICANN.The registry accepts the International Domain Name.The Domain was originally top level Domain (TLDs) in the internet when the Domain name system was implemented in January 1985.

In earlier day’s three letter extension after the dot (or top level Domain) were meant to donate whether the domain name were used for Business,Technology or other purpose.

Domain name and its purpose?

DOMAIN                                                                               PURPOSE
.COM                                                                   FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSE
.NET                                                                    FOR TECHNOLOGY
.ORG                                                                   FOR NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION
.INFO                                                                  FOR INFORMATION
.BIZ                                                                     FOR BUSINESS
.MOBI                                                                 FOR MOBILE DEVICES
.EU                                                                       FOR EUROPEAN PRESENCE
.NAME                                                                 FOR INDIVIDUAL
.CO                                                                       FOR COLUMBIA
.IN                                                                        FOR INDIA

Free domain names,comparison between .com,.org and .net,.net vs .org,.in vs .org,.com,.com vs .in pe lagata hu Restricted domain name ?

The above domain name are open domain nam restricted domain name e.There are some restricted domain name only such as .GOV and .EDU.The above domain name can be transferred from one to another.

                                  COMPARISON BETWEEN .COM, .ORG & .NET

.COM  is used for commercial purpose, .NET is used for Technology and organization and .ORG is used for non-profit organization but .com is the king of all whether it is for sale’s ,type-in. .COM is the most frequent and marked extension.Even if you compare these on basis of money .COM lead the can get it for 8 to $9 ,.ORG Domain cost $15 and .NET cost around $10.Even in these day’s people don’t believe in category  Domain name and to get a good recognition and better traffic.COM are more valuable better than .NET and .ORG.I will give you a best example for it:-if you ever noticed how Porkerstar.NET advertises their free internet Gambling  Site for “instructional” Play.Well a lot of people see those add and go directly to are more programmed to see .COM than .NET and .ORG.


LATEST DOMAIN ,comparison between .com,.org and .net,.org or .net,.com or .org,.in or .org,discount on domsin name 50%

-One can use only letter ,number or hyphen (“_”) as a character for the site.
-The Domain cannot began and end with a hyphen.
-Two hyphen cannot be used together
-The Domain name must have less than 63* character, not including .COM,.NET and .ORG.
so if you have more idea so share with me by commenting.

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